Q:What is the experience of the Blu Room like?

The Blu Room is a new environment so the experience varies from person to person because we are each individuals. It bumps you into a different part of your brain and opens a door for a new mind perspective. Many people have described it as being deeply relaxing, lifting their mood, and bringing about a state of slightly detached calm or peace. A common side benefit of this state is a relief from aches and pains. Some people experience dynamic shifts in perspective and spiritual insights. Some people have reported profound relaxation and personal recovering. Since the mind is the greatest healer and the mind is inextricably intertwined with DNA, the Blu Room can augment a person’s natural recovering abilities. Some simply enjoy a break in their daily routine to refresh themselves. The experience is entirely up to you.

Q: 藍屋體驗像什麼?

因為我們都是獨立的個體,所以每個人對藍屋的體驗會有所不同,藍屋是一個新的環境,它會讓你進入你大腦不同的部位,進而為你的心智觀點打開一扇新的門,許多人將之形容為進入深層放鬆、提振心情以及帶來一種略為類似超脫的平和寧靜感,這種狀態常見的益處便是舒緩酸痛或疼痛,有些人經歷在觀點和靈性洞察理解力上巨大的轉變,有些人則體驗到深層的個人放鬆和恢復健康。由於我們的心智是最偉大的療癒師,而心智又與DNA 有密不可分的連結,因此藍屋可以增強我們的自癒能力。有些人只是單純的享受暫時跳脫他們的日常生活,重新為自己充電,總而言之,藍屋的體驗如何完全取決於你。

Q: Is the Blu Room safe? Can I get “sunburned”?

The Blu Room experience is designed to be a safe exposure to the atmosphere of the Ultraviolet realm beyond the Light realm. As in any experience in a new environment, it takes a while for the individual to adapt. For example, in learning to SCUBA dive or fly an airplane, the training starts slow and simple. We do advise people about the cautions related to UVB exposure which are minimized by the structure and duration of the Blu Room sessions.

Q: 藍屋安全嗎?我會不會曬傷?


Q: How many sessions do you supply for a customer?

For customers interested in optimizing personal goals, a weekly session is recommended but some customers are finding value at twice or three times per week.

Q: 你們建議多久使用一次?


Q:What do I wear in the Blu Room? Do I need to undress?

The Blu Room is not a tanning device. Most people wear their regular clothing. Wear whatever is comfortable for you. You do not need to disrobe. If you find the room temperature a bit cool, a blanket is available.

Q: 在藍屋裡我該穿著怎樣的服裝?需要脫去衣物嗎?


Q:Are there any age limitations for using the Blu Room?

No. Parents with children 12 and under may take the child in and have a session together. Call it cuddle time. The lower age limit depends on whether the child will tolerate the eye protection. Parents with children 13 to 17 may choose to allow their teenager to have Blu Room sessions alone. We do limit sessions with children to only three minutes with the UV lamps on and the remaining time with the lamps off since children do not need much to make the conscious shift beyond polarized thought. Although some children may lack the mental discipline for deep focus, the physical benefits of the Blu Room, particularly of reducing stress in the body, are useful for most everyone.

There is also no upper age limit. The Blu Room is easy to enter and exit, and the staff is happy to assist if you have mobility or balance issues.

Q: 藍屋有使用年齡限制嗎?



Q: Does the Blu Room help with pain relief?

Yes. Relief from nagging discomforts is commonly reported by Blu Room experiencers. The Blu Room provides deep relaxation and a lifting of mood. Mood is a residual attitude we carry with us between emotional storms. When mood is lifted, the storms can abate. In addition to a vitamin D boost, we theorize that the Blu Room also triggers the brain to release endorphins. Among other effects, the secretion of endorphins induces a sense of euphoria and enhances the immune response. With higher endorphin levels, you feel less pain and are less affected by stress.

Q: 藍屋是否能幫助緩解疼痛?


Q: Is the Blu Room wheelchair accessible?

Yes. If you can lift yourself out of your chair and into your bed, you will likely be able to lift yourself onto the couch inside the Blu Room. If you do not have enough upper body mobility or strength, please ask one of your family or friends to come with you. Our staff will gladly assist you with your family or friends.

Q: 乘坐輪椅是否可體驗藍屋?


Photo by Jingyi Wang